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Maria del Mar Bonet and BioSciCat collaborate to produce "The Blue Skin Islands"

Next Friday, March 1, coinciding with the day of the Balearic Islands, the short film "The Blue Skin Islands" will be released, as a tribute to one of the most iconic and unique landscapes in the Mediterranean, and also a tribute to a unique ethics and aesthetics of relating to nature: men and women who have populated the Balearic Islands for millennia and with their hands have built a unique and unrepeatable cultural landscape.

It has been produced to warn the heirs of these islands (and all those who have ever been attracted to its beauty) of the extreme fragility of their skin.

“The Blue Skin Islands” is an essay to look for new audiovisual formulas that allow us to reach the general public and raise a truth as uncomfortable as it is undeniable: the landscape in which we grew up helps us understand who we are, the way we treat it, too.

The short film has been promoted and produced by BioSciCat thanks to the selfless collaborations of Maria del Mar Bonet (interpretation of “Cant de la Sibil·la”), the record label © Picap, and © MN Films (technical production).

Although it is a short format film (a micro-audiovisual intended to be distributed mainly on social media and through television wedges), it is the result of a complex and meticulous technical and artistic production executed for more than two years.



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