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"Any creature in nature that catches the eye of a child deserves to be eternal, even if it is imaginary"


[Dreaming Someretas]

Genre:  Nature documentary film  - Fiction

Language: Spanish, Catalan

Footage: 70 '

Format  distribution: 4K digital /  Dolby digital 5.1  

Release date:  To define (in production)

Production: BioSciCat, MN films


The whimsical and inexhaustible imagination of reality wanted to create in the mountains of Montsant a moving story around a small unique creature, whose existence ends up uniting several lives despite seeming to be relegated to the imagination of a child . A child in whom the relationship with animals would forever mark his way of understanding the world, and through him, that of millions of people: little Eduard Punset.

Making of

The Project

Someretes al Cap is a film-documentary project promoted and co-produced by BioSciCat that was born from a conviction: the only hope of preserving the miracle of nature around us is to build in our society a culture of deep admiration towards to this, and of respect for all forms of life. It is, in short, about forging an attitude that becomes an identity cultural feature of our collective thinking as a society, and that is unquestionable, indestructible, and independent of individual political ideology.

But how do we get the whole of society to want and demand the conservation of nature ahead of any other benefit? This challenge poses a paradigm shift: we need to bring nature to the whole of society, without exception, and excite it. And what is the best way? Definitely the cinema.

This is the reason why BIOSCICAT has opted, through "Someretes al Cap", to escape the genre of the classic scientific documentary, and to resort to narrative and cinematic language. It is therefore an essay on new formulas designed to open the eyes of the whole of society to the beauty of life, and to influence those audiences who have never before been interested in nature documentaries.

The proposal: to merge genres, exploiting the best of each. From the scientific and naturalistic documentary, the unparalleled power of seduction that overflows nature (in 4k format) and the points of view offered by the techniques of the genre, as well as the possibility of presenting an authorized scientific story. Of fiction and cinematic language, the hypnotic magic of its aesthetics and the narrative force of real stories that excite and catch .


Girona, December 1938. In the metallic solitude of an asylum, the life of Longinos Navàs goes out. This is how one of the greatest zoologists in Europe dies, and this is how the story of a unique and mysterious creature was born that only his eyes could see and that no one would ever find again: Montsant's somereta.

A few months later, while the ashes of the civil war are still floating in the air, little Eduard Punset arrives from his native Barcelona to a fragile village sheltered from the geological brutality of the Tarragona mountains of Montsant, where happiness still seems possible. The contact with nature that his new life offers him reveals in him an extraordinary sensitivity and an unusual natural intuition to learn from the living world that surrounds him. The complicit and proud eyes of Rufina, his teacher, who cannot hide his predilection for Eduard, change their sign when the boy's parents reveal their fear: the magical relationship with the animals he has developed, stimulated by this one has gone too far ... she keeps looking secretly and obsessively for an imaginary creature that no one has heard of. When the little one is uprooted from his mountains to continue his studies, he must leave his secret in the hands of Bruna, his faithful companion in adventures.

The memories of this magical childhood drive Punset to unravel the reasons that science offers us to understand that our destiny is inexorably linked to that of other species. But he warns us that it will not be these arguments that will make us change our actions: it will all depend on our ability to get excited about life, and to convey that emotion.

Technical file

Script  i  Direction  -  GUILLERMO GARCÍA PÉREZ

Direction  of Production  -   MARGA MANZANO

Head of Production  -     ODA CADIACH

Communication direction  -  CRISTINA GARCIA-BAYLO

With the participation  d ' EDUARDO PUNSET, i  collaboration  d ' ORIOL CRUZ,  LLUÍS SOLER i  MANUEL OUTUMURO.


Direction  of Casting  -   ADRIÀ TRIVIÑO

Production  technique of nature  -  FERRAN AGUILAR /  JAUME SOLÉ


There is only one way to conserve nature: by loving it


Financing  i  collaboration

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"Someretes al Cap" (Dreaming  Someretas) is a non-profit or non-profit project, promoted by BIOSCICAT with a strictly educational and cultural objective. It is produced by BIOSCICAT and MN FILMS®.

BIOSCICAT, the Catalan Society of Sciences for the Conservation of Biodiversity, is a scientifically based non-governmental organization created to discover, understand and conserve Mediterranean biodiversity, as well as to spread the values of the biological sciences among our society. , promote admiration for nature and educate in respect for all forms of life. Among the activities of its corporate purpose is, among others, “the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of respect for biological life in a broad sense, including the dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge around the conservation of biological wealth and the promotion of education and public awareness in this matter ”.

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