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Bioscicat is born

BIOSCICAT, the Catalan Society of Sciences for the Conservation of Biodiversity, is born.

  • The Entity, born in Tarragona, will focus its activity on the preservation of Iberian ecosystems, but will work to promote international projects.

  • Its mission is to contribute to the fight against the biological crisis that the planet is suffering, and especially the Iberian ecosystems.

  • Bring up the construction of a common thought of admiration and respect for all forms of life as a defining element of our society.

  • The formula: recover the values of Life Sciences and "seduce" through biological beauty.

Tarragona, 14 December, 2016.

BIOSCICAT (Catalan Society of Sciences for the Conservation of Biodiversity) is born in Catalonia, a scientific entity determined to open the eyes of society to the beauty of life.

Its mission is to help facing the serious biological crisis that the planet is suffering, and especially the Iberian ecosystems, the greatest treasure of European biodiversity. And his proposal is to use the arguments of the life sciences and the seductive power of nature itself to convince and transform our attitude towards this problem.

Explore, discover biodiversity, and bring it closer to that part of our society that is most unconnected to it; that's the challenge.


The ultimate reason that motivates the birth of Biosciat is to preserve the biological and ecological heritage on which we depend, to offer it to future generations just as it was given to us. But to preserve it, you have to know it, understand it and respect it.

Precisely for this reason, Biosciat emerges as a clearly atypical organization, a society that, based on the knowledge and values of the life sciences, will focus on making biodiversity visible and on seducing and educating the whole society, without exception.

This logic presides over the action of Bioscicat, which will be developed along core ideas:

  • From 'knowledge', we will promote the exploration, discovery, study and attention to biodiversity. To know and understand it in order to protect and manage it.

  • The "conservation" will consist of designing and promoting actions that resolve critical situations, but also that allow raising awareness and leading conservation action through symbolic and demonstrative projects.

  • Finally, the maximum effort will be devoted to the transformation of social thought that should lead to rethink our relationship with nature, "seducing" society through biological beauty, promoting admiration for nature, and educating in respect for all forms of life.

It is about recovering, especially as part of the education of future generations, the traditional values of the biological and natural sciences.



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