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Bioscicat in the First Lego League

BIOSCICAT is invited by the First Lego League to give a conference on biological evolution and robotics.

Last Saturday, February 4, a new edition of the ©First Lego League, one of the educational and cultural phenomenon that has emerged with the greatest force in the international educational scene and which draws thousands of students and members of the educational community.

It involves more than 250,000 young people, grouped into 29,000 teams, who compete to develop their own projects through which they must face specific scientific challenges from robotic engineering. The ultimate goal is to encourage imaginative and creative thinking among young people, the values of science and critical teamwork, bringing future generations closer together and involving them in the problems that the current scientific community faces nowadays.

The present edition (2017) of the First Lego League has been developed on the thematic of the animal world and its relation to human well-being. For this reason, the FLL organization invited BIOSCICAT to carry out a presentation that would bring the young participants, families and teachers closer to the values of admiration and respect for the biological world.

In this framework, and in front of the 1,500 people who attended the congress, “Wild Engineering” was screened, the preliminary draft of a documentary that recounts the historical inspiration that man has found in nature and in biological models to develop their own knowledge and advance in improving their well-being. It is a true tribute to nature and the ingenuity and perfection that resides in all forms, mechanisms and processes that govern ecosystems and the biology of each species.

The projection was accompanied by a speech by the Vice President of Bioscicat (David Rocamora), who invited the young engineers in attendance to be, tomorrow, ambassadors and defenders of the natural world:

“You, from engineering and robotics, from wherever you are tomorrow, will be the ones who can best understand the knowledge and wisdom accumulated by nature through all biological species.

In their genomes are written the secrets of the solutions that nature has found, tested and perfected for 3 billion years to meet the challenges of life on earth.

For this reason, you, who will study natural models as the most perfect that can be conceived, will understand better than anyone else the importance of conserving the greatest source of knowledge available to humanity: Nature.

You are the ones who ensure that not a single biological species is lost, not even one of the books that make up that infinite library of knowledge”



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