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Eduard Punset and Bioscicat will claim to conserve biodiversity through a film

A film starring Eduard Punset and produced by Bioscicat will try to seduce the general public about the need to conserve biological diversity

  • Using a pioneering cinematographic formula, it will mix the documentary, historical and fictional genres, intertwining various stories, among which is the childhood of Eduard Punset.

  • For the first time, the protection of our species and ecosystems is claimed from scientific arguments, but also, and above all, emotional.

  • The originality of the approach aims to bring the message of biological conservation to the general public.

  • Its premiere is scheduled for 2019.


A documentary is in full production in Catalonia that poses the challenge of fighting against the loss of biological wealth in the 21st century based on the problem of a small insect, endemic to the south of Catalonia, and which is becoming a conservation icon: “la somereta de Montsant”.

Somereta de Montsant

The film project is being produced by BIOSCICAT and MN Consultors, and has the participation of Eduardo Punset and the collaboration of his foundation (Eduardo Punset Foundation), the Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Barcelona and the Parque Natural de Montsant. The project has financial support from the Diputación de Tarragona.

Its main objective is to bring the problem of the threat of the loss of our biological wealth closer to the general public. For this reason, it has been proposed from a cinematographic approach through the fusion of various genres (historical, biographical, fiction, etc.) and has had the participation of Eduard Punset, probably the most authoritative and popular scientific communicator in recent years, of who the documentary incorporates biographical elements of his childhood, which was spent for the most part in a town in Priorat at the foot of the Montsant mountain range.

Making off

Feel to keep

Throughout the documentary, Punset develops the scientific arguments that force us as a society to act urgently in the face of the current biological crisis, but appeals to emotional motivations as the true mobilizing element that can lead us individually and collectively to rethink our relationships with nature.

Make an insect an icon

The film insists on vindicating the importance of all biological species, no matter how small and unknown they may be, which is why it is based on the story of the "somereta de Montsant", a small creature discovered at the end of the 19th century and believed to be extinct Its history, and its parallelism with that of Longinos Navás, the Jesuit who was its discoverer and who also fell into oblivion despite being one of the most outstanding entomologists of his time in Europe, serve to highlight the values of the sciences of the life.

It is therefore a production that addresses a universal problem from a local and specific case, appealing to the well-known maxim "think globally, act locally".

Its premiere is scheduled for 2019.

Making Off




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